ALOT scarl

ALOT (Agency of East Lombardy for Transport and Logistic) was founded in 2008 by Brescia, Bergamo, Cremona and Mantova provinces for the promotion of infrastructures and logistic and transport services in Eastern Lombardy as well as the mobility improvement. The Company, whose capital is fully public and equally shared between the four shareholders, operates as exclusive in-house provider of the Provinces themselves and it represents a connection tool between public and private in the development of sustainable transport for the area.

ALOT has been designed as an incubator, developer and manager of projects for sustainable mobility on a local and European level and any support activities held by the Lombard Company for the four provinces is reflected into

– the expression of opinions on the local urban planning and on the development of new infrastructures;

– the development of new projects;

– the funding research;

– the consulting and administrative support for projects financed through European funds;

– the development of strategic studies and marketing plans;

– the organization of exhibitions and work tables;

– the interaction with the private companies which operate in the area.

ALOT has recently included in its charter the aim to develop a strategy for the optimization of local public transport, studying proposals and planning projects for the innovation of the local public transport, sup-porting the coordination of technical meetings with Ministries, Lombardy Region, municipalities, provinc-es, companies and citizens, especially developing with them collaborative models, like the idea of the observatory on the local public transport.