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Other Alpine Space Programme projects

Competitiveness and innovation of SMEs:

AlpBC, Capitalising knowledge on Alpine Building Culture by performing regional smart planning and consultancy strategies for sustainable development and closed loop economies in the Alpine Space

ALPHouse, Alpine building culture and ecology. Competence development of local craft companies in the area of energy-efficient renovation of traditional alpine old buildings and settlements

CABEE, Capitalizing Alpine Building Evaluation Experiences

ENERBUILD, ENERGY Efficiency and Renewable Energies in the BUILDing Sector

ViSiBLE, Valorisation of Sustainable Alpine Space nearly zero-energy Building and Low-carbon Experiences


AlpClusters2020, Alpine space industrial Clusters’ networks:
paving the way for Europe 2020

ALPlastics, A network of private/public actors actively involved in local development policies in 5 Alpine regions, to create proper conditions for STRATEGIC INNOVATION in the ALPINE PLASTICS CLUSTERS and strengthen the related economic sector

Alps Bio Cluster, TransAlpine Bio Cluster

CCAlps, Creative companies in Alpine Space

COMUNIS, Inter-municipal cooperation for Strategic Steering of SME-oriented Location Development in the Alpine Space

InnoCité, How to Improve Competitiveness of Small-Medium Cities under the Influence of Alpine Great Urban Centers

OpenAlps, Open Innovation in Alpine SMEs

Low carbon economy and energy efficiency:

AlpEnergy, Virtual Power Systems as an Instrument to Promote Transnational Cooperation and Sustainable Energy Supply in the Alpine Space

ALPSTAR, Towards carbon neutral Alps – Make best practice minimum standard

AlpStore, Strategies to use a variety of mobile and stationary storages to allow for extended accessibility and the integration of renewable energies

CO2-NeuTrAlp, CO2-Neutral Transport for the Alpine Space

MORECO, Mobility and Residential Costs

GreenAlps, Valorizing connectivity and sustainable use of resources for successful ecosystem management policies in the Alps, Reconciling Renewable Energy Production and Nature in the Alps

SEAPAlps, Supporting local authorities in the implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans in the Alpine Space Area

SedAlp, Sediment management in Alpine basins: integrating sediment continuum, risk mitigation and hydropower

SHARE, Sustainable Hydropower in Alpine Rivers Ecosystems

Sustainable transport and mobility:

AlpCheck 2, Alpine Mobility Check – Step 2

AlpInfoNet, Sustainable Mobility Information Network for the Alpine Space

iMONiTRAF!, Implementation of MONITRAF (Monitoring of road traffic related effects in the Alpine Space and common measures)

NEWFOR, NEW technologies for a better mountain FORest timber mobilization

PARAmount, imProved Accessibility: Reliability and security of Alpine transport infrastructure related to mountainous hazards in a changing climate

Poly5, Polycentric Planning Models for Local Development in Territories interested by Corridor 5 and its TEN-T ramifications

PUMAS, Planning sustainable regional-Urban Mobility in the Alpine Space

TranSAFE-Alp, Connecting Transport regional networks to Security and emergency Advanced Strategy Frameworks of European and Alpine regions decisional platforms

Transitects, Transalpine Transport Architects